The south 31st street project

Monday, September 28, 2009

We finished it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 27, 2009

Over 25 neighbors showed up to paint the pavement on Sunday between 60 S 31st and the Halcyon school.

We spent 3 hours chalking the design Saturday evening, then on Sunday morning with the street officially closed at 8 am, we spent a little over 5 hours painting. It was a fantastic success and everyone was conscientious with their painting.

  • Thanks to Camille Hook for the design and the incredible color mixing.
  • Thanks to Colorado Paint Company for the donated paint.
  • Thanks to Martin Acres Neighborhood Association for the donated funds for supplies.
  • Thanks to the city of Boulder and the Go Boulder staff for all their support developing the Paint the Pavement project over the last year.

Here's the link to the Daily Camera publicity ==>

Here's the link with pictures of the installation and block party. Photos taken by Barbara Yates Beasley ==>

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Winner is........

The neighborhood voted and the winner is..........
the design submitted by Camille.

The city approved our application on 7/14/09 to install this design on Sept 26th or 27th at our annual block party.

The very last step in the approval process will be to present the project to the Boulder Arts Commission on 9/16/09.

This has been an interesting project and hopefully our project will be the first of many horizontal murals that will be showing up on Boulder streets.

Everyone in the neighborhood has been very receptive to the idea and we are all anxious to have paint brushes in hand and make the design a reality.

Here's the calendar of what we've accomplished so far to get this project accomplished:
  1. September,2008 - I attended the showing of the "Portland Intersection Repair" film at Full Cycle
  2. October, 2008 - A neighborhood committee was formed and met to plan the project for our street.
  3. October 13, 2008 - I attended the Boulder Transportation Advisory Board meeting and requested their endorsement of our project. They approved our project and made a recommendation to the city staff to proceed with the creation of a process so that the street mural will not be treated as illegal graffiti.
  4. January, 2009 - I applied for a Boulder Arts Commission Grant to fund our project but was denied the grant since I did not have city approval yet for the project.
  5. February 3, 2009 - I attended the Boulder City Council meeting and requested their approval for our project so that the city staff could continue creating a process.
  6. March, 2009 - I requested design suggestions from the neighbors and the Halcyon students to use for our street project. I received 7 designs.
  7. April, 2009 - I requested funding from our neighborhood association for the project and received a grant of $100.
  8. June 11, 2009 - I received the first draft of the city's Paint the Pavement process. This draft was reviewed by the neighborhood committee and suggested revisions were given to the city.
  9. June 18, 2009 - The south 31st street neighbors voted on the 7 designs and selected the 2 final designs.
  10. June 19-30, 2009 - The petition for the block party and the Paint the Pavement project was signed by all the neighbors on south 31st including the BVSD principal at the Halcyon school on Bucknell Court. The final design was selected.
  11. July 9, 2009 - I turned in the application packet for the South 31st Paint the Pavement project to the Go Boulder office.
  12. July 14, 2009 - the Boulder Transportation staff approved our petition.
  13. July 17, 2009 - I submitted the application for the Addison Mini Grant
  14. August 20, 2009 - Addison Mini Grant finalist interviews - unfortunately we did not get the grant
  15. September 16, 2009 - attend Boulder Arts Commission monthly meeting and obtain their approval
  16. September 23, 2009 - received 10 gallons of donated street striping paint from Colorado Paint Company
  17. Saturday September 26, 2009 - 3 hours chalking the design and painting outlines for the design w/a small group of neighbors
  18. Sunday September 27, 2009 - 8 am - 3 pm painting the design with >25 neighbors participating. 3 - 8 pm celebrating our accomplishments during the block party.

Neighborhood submissions

We received 7 entries from the neighborhood for designs to consider for the street design.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Longmont Art in Public Places

I visited Longmont, CO today to see the crosswalk art that was installed as part of their 2007 Art in Public Places offering. The designs were printed on street signage materials and then glued to the road surface.

Longmont's Art in Public Places program is funded by taxes on Capital projects. Boulder does not have any programs like this.

Monday, October 20, 2008

10/20/08 - the S 31st street art project

The south 31st street neighborhood is in the preliminary stages of planning a street art project similar to what has been done in the south east neighborhoods of Portland, Or.

Movies about the Oregon projects can be seen at ==>
(search on Portland convergence)

More information and pictures about these projects can be found at ==>
Click on the title of this posting and it will take you to a video of Portland, OR intersection projects.

Our neighborhood proposal was given to the Transportation Advisory Board on Monday, October 13th and received favorable comments from the board members. The city of Boulder Transportation offices are now formulating a permit process .

Here is our proposal:

  • Concept: Create a neighborhood themed design to paint on south 31st street near the Halcyon school. This art will consist of one central design with two "sidewalk" type designs on either side of the central design. The bordering designs should create a sense of flow or movement across the street from one side to the other.

  • Who: The designs will be selected from submissions from neighbors on Bucknell Court, south 31st street, and Halcyon school students. The actual painting will happen by the neighbors at our next block party, Spring, 2009.
  • Why: We want to beautify our street, enhance our annual block party location, and encourage drivers to slow down and be more observant on our street. We want our street to be the first of many in the city to have this type of art.
  • When: Here's the preliminary calendar to make this project happen:

  • Now till mid January, 2009 - accept design proposals and project suggestions from neighbors and Halcyon students. The proposals can be for all three components of the design or just for one of the 3 elements (central design or either of the borders)
  • End of January, 2009 - a neighborhood committee will select 5 border designs and 3 central designs. These 8 designs will be posted to this blog for a future vote by the neighbors. Selection criteria will be based on a) how well the designs meet the sense of movement across the street and 2) the sense of neighborhood.
  • February, 2009 - The 8 designs will be presented to the city for their approval.
  • March, 2009 - Bucknell Ct and south 31st street neighbors will vote on the designs when they sign the city petition granting approval for the street painting and block party.
  • May, 2009 - A block party will be scheduled to paint the street
Any questions, suggestions, or ideas for this project should be submitted as comments on this site.